Home MaintenanceLifestyleLiving November 8, 2023

Living Color

Color is one of my favorite design tools. I can use it to create impact, to soften a space and to enhance or balance a space. Color can be subtle or strong, light or dark, there is no limit to color and the ways you can use it to enhance your living spaces.

Color can transform the atmosphere of a home, changing the way you feel about the spaces in which you live. Color has an undeniable emotional ability to affect us.

Are you afraid of color? Do you tend to stay safe with white, beige and taupe tones? Not sure? See if the following statements sound familiar-

  • Color will make a room look smaller.
  • Color will make the room to dark.
  • Color makes it hard to sell a home. (Not true and if it were, it would only matter if you were trying to sell your home)
  • You’re not sure if color will work.
  • You don’t want to make a mistake.
  • You’re afraid you’ll get tired of it.

If you answered ‘yes’ to 3 or more statements, you are definitely afraid of color. The solution? After reading this article, go to your local paint store and buy a small can of paint in one of your favorite colors. Bring it home, take a deep breath and paint something!

Color is a powerful multi-sensory tool. It affects us on many levels; how we see it, how we feel it and how it alters the space it’s in. Every color has an energetic association and each of us are drawn to different colors for a variety of reasons.

Need a place to start? Some great places to use accent colors, or our first attempt at stronger color than we’re used to are:

  • The inside of a closet or cupboard.
  • A small bathroom (yes small, color looks smashing in small spaces!)
  • The door into your home from the garage – garage side.
  • A hallway
  • The front door – this is a fantastic place to incorporate your favorite color!

Treat yourself to a pleasant surprise. When you paint one of the areas listed above, you’ll feel like you’ve given yourself a special treat. And it will look as though someone took extra care to create a spot of beauty in a small space.

I believe that almost all of us thrive when surrounded with color. Think about the world outside your door, the colors of nature and the amazing tapestry each season brings. If it works outside, it’ll work inside.

Color is more than an expression of style. Color feeds our mind, our spirit and our experience of space. Norwegian color theorist Grete Smedal states that, “colour should involve and engage people if it is to increase the quality of life.” Color heightens our awareness; it energizes us and enriches us.

Let’s face it; life is too short for beige!

How do you choose color? With your heart, not your head. When you choose color with your head, you focus on why colors won’t work and then often talk yourself into choosing a color that you deem safe. When you choose color with your heart, you choose color that resonates with who you are, at the core of your being. You choose color that feels good. And when you choose color that feels good you create a space that embraces you with comfort, a space that embraces you with style, a space that embraces…you!

Afraid you might make a mistake? There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s is just paint. If you find you don’t like it, repaint! Choose a new color and begin again. Sometimes it takes a few tries to capture the color that not only feels good but looks good in your home, don’t give up. Keep trying till you get it; believe me you’ll be happy you did.